Who can apply for a Community Grant?

Non-Profit Organizations, Societies, or Associations who operate within Kneehill County, have had a society status for a minimum of 2 (two) years, and:

  • are able to match the funding request at a minimum of 50% of the total project cost.
  • can complete their project within one year of funding approval.
  • have not received a Kneehill Community Grant in the prior year of more than $1,000.
  • have projects that haven’t already been started or completed.
  • have project-based initiatives and not operational expenditures.
  • are responsible for the financial operation of the project.
  • have projects that do not enhance or create a fully owned municipal asset. 

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1. Who can apply for a Community Grant?
2. Who is ineligible to apply for a Community Grant?
3. How does Grant Funding work?