What else can I do to prepare for COVID-19?

Create a Household Action Plan

Talk with the people who need to be included in your plan.

  • Discuss with household members, other relatives, and friends what to do if a COVID-19 outbreak occurs in your community and what the needs of each person will be.
  • Plan ways to care for those at greater risk of serious complications, such as ensuring you have sufficient medication, and determining what supplies are needed and if they can be delivered.
  • Talk with your neighbours about emergency planning.
  • Create a list of local organizations you can contact if you need access to information, health-care services, support or resources.
  • Create an emergency contact list.

Prepare for Isolation

  • Choose a room in your home you can use to separate sick household members from healthy ones.
  • Choose a separate bathroom for sick individuals to use, if possible.
  • Plan to clean these rooms as needed when someone is sick.
  • Have 72 hours’ worth of food and supplies at home. We do not recommend stockpiling goods.

Financial support is available if you’re unable to work because you are sick, required to isolate, or are caring for someone in isolation.

Hotel rooms may be available if you can’t isolate safely in your own home.

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