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Bleriot Ferry
Highway 838
Kneehill County, AB T0M 0L0
Phone: 1-403-710-9422 or 403-823-1788
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The last cable-operated ferry in Alberta. The cable-operated Bleriot Ferry links the two sections of the North Dinosaur Trail near Drumheller (Highway 838) as it crosses the Red Deer River, from Kneehill County on the west to Starland County on the east.
Carbon Farmers Exchange
414 Caradoc Avenue
Carbon, AB T0M 0L0
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Phone: 403-572-2331

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Open May Long Weekend - September Long Weekend; Thursday, Friday and Saturday from Noon (12:00 pm) to 4:00 pm. The Carbon Museum (also known as the Farmers Exchange) features a diverse array of Carbon and area artefacts. Featuring the “Murder Mystery”, which is a visual interpretation of the John Coward, unsolved murder, in Carbon during the height of the coal mining era. A heritage garden and a gift shop are also located in this historic building.
Kneehill Historical Museum & Tourism Information Centre
1301 2nd Street NE
Three Hills, AB T0M 2A0
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Phone: 403-443-2092

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So Much to See For So Many! Go back in Time! Explore the How and Why! Bring your Guests or just come on your own! Do Visit Us! Explore, at the Museum, the history of the Kneehills, and “the three hills”, known for eons as wayfinders for people migrating the open plains. Adjacent to a well-kept campground and nearby, award-winning motels, the Kneehill Historical Museum can pull you into the story of the development of this fertile, resource-rich land, “dissed” by Palliser and “gumboed” in the time of the great inland sea. In addition to learning the history of the Kneehill County area through its 18,000 artefacts, you can find information about local resources, get directions for driving routes and nearby attractions, or just pause and enjoy the fine art within the Art Gallery of the Jasman Room and Visitor Information Center. Open May – September. Please see the website for updated COVID restrictions.
Royal Tyrell Museum
1500 N Dinosaur Trail
Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y0
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Phone: 1-888-440-4240

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Celebrating the spectacular history of life on Earth, from the tiniest grains of pollen to the mightiest dinosaurs. The Royal Tyrrell Museum is Canada’s only museum dedicated exclusively to the science of palaeontology.
Torrington Gopher Hole Museum
208 1 Street South
Torrington, AB T0M 2B0
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Phone: 403-631-2133
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This unique attraction features stuffed gophers staged in creative dioramas. Open from June through September.
Trochu & District Museum
315 Arena Ave
Trochu, AB T0M 2C0
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Phone: 403-442-2220

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Featuring the history of Trochu?s 1900s French settlers.
1 - 6 of 6 Listings