2024 Budget

The County is required under the Municipal Government Act (MGA) to approve both an Operating and Capital Budget that is balanced and fully funded.

The budget serves as a policy document, financial plan, operations guide, and communications device. The budget advises Kneehill County administration on Council priorities and determines the total amount of taxes to be levied on residents and businesses of the community.

There are two components of the budget:

  • The Operating Budget outlines the plans for a municipality’s day-to-day operations and includes expenses such as salaries, materials, utilities, and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure.
  • The Capital Budget outlines the plans for purchasing and financing major assets, including infrastructure, lands, buildings, machinery, and equipment.

Like any household or business, the needs and wants within the County are often greater than what can be afforded. Each year, as part of the budget process, choices that directly impact the level of services provided by the County must be made. The annual budget considers competing priorities and challenges while striving to provide high-quality services for all Kneehill County citizens.

2024 Budget Timeline

(Dates are subject to change.)

Questions about property tax and assessment?

Watch "How Assessment and Taxation Work"  to learn more about how property tax, tax rates, and assessment are calculated in Kneehill County.