Starting or Expanding a Business

Are you considering starting or expanding your business in Kneehill County? There are key steps that every entrepreneur and business should undertake to achieve success. Numerous local agencies and organizations are in place to help navigate those steps and provide support throughout the business development process. 

The Economic Development Department is your one-stop contact for business-related inquires and supports. For further assistance, contact:

Kevin Gannon Community Services Director
P: 403-443-5541

  1. 1. Pre-planning
  2. 2. Market Research
  3. 3. Business Plan Development
  4. 4.    Site Selection   
  5. 5. Permits & Licenses

1. PRE-PLANNING is the first step in starting a new business. This is your "lightbulb" moment when your idea is formed. When deciding if you want to turn that idea into a business, remember to answer these important questions: 

  • What problem am I trying to solve and who are my competitors in that space? 
  • Will there be enough interest in my product or services to generate the profit required to make the time and effort I am putting into the business worthwhile?
  • Do I have the necessary finances available to cover my initial expenses like product development, permits, licenses, marketing etc.?
  • Starting a business requires a huge time commitment, am I willing to sacrifice my time to make this idea a reality? 
  • What are my goals and vision for this business?

Planning Tools: