Lead Guideline for Drinking Water

Lead ManagementTo comply with new guidelines, Kneehill County is looking for volunteers to have a water sample collected from their homes for testing.

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Based on recent studies on the long-term health effects of lead, Health Canada issued a new guideline for lead exposure in drinking water in 2019. At 0.005 mg/L, Canada's guideline value for lead is one of the lowest in the world.

The new Health Canada guideline is part of an overall lead reduction strategy that recognizes there is new information on the health effects of exposure to lead from all sources (not just drinking water).

Kneehill County’s water supply is safe, clean, and meets the new guidelines. 

Household plumbing materials can cause lead levels measured in private residences to exceed the Health Canada guidelines. Therefore, the new guidelines require the County to test drinking water ‘at the tap’.

Thank you!

Water sampling has been completed. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to have their water sampled!

Key Dates

  • May - June 2021
    Volunteer Sign-Up Open
  • June - September 2021
    Utility staff conduct water sampling.

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John McKiernan,
Manager of Environmental Services

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