Traffic Safety

June 2021Our traffic safety focus for the month of June is Commercial Vehicle Safety. 

Commercial vehicles play an important role in moving goods around the province and across its borders. These vehicles are larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, so other drivers should exercise caution and patience when sharing the road with them. Commercial vehicles have large blind spots, take longer to stop than smaller vehicles, and require a wide turning radius. Make sure to give them plenty of room on the road.

Facts about commercial vehicles:

  • In 2018, truck-tractors made up 2.2% of the total vehicles involved in casualty collisions, but 11% of the vehicles in fatal crashes. 
  • 57.3% of drivers of other vehicles involved in fatal collisions with truck tractors and 42.8% in injury collisions committed a driving error. The most common errors were following too closely, being left of centre, or violating a stop sign (2014 - 2018). 
  • The most common driving errors on the part of the truck-tractor driver in casualty collisions were running off the road and following too closely (2014 -2018). 
  • Truck-tractor drivers are more likely than other drivers in casualty collisions to be fatigued or asleep at the time of the collision (2014 - 2018). 
  • In 2020, Sheriff Highway Patrol completed 21,207 commercial vehicle and/or driver inspections.

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