Horseshoe Canyon Focus Group

Long Table Dinner overlooking Horseshoe CanyonNow Seeking Members!

Kneehill County is seeking five (5) members-at-large to join the discussion and help guide the future of Horseshoe Canyon through the Horseshoe Canyon Focus Group.

The Focus Group is an advisory committee that will assist and make recommendations to Kneehill County Council on matters relating to Horseshoe Canyon, which will help guide future initiatives through the review of the Horseshoe Canyon Masterplan and its key recommendations, as well as supporting documents and data. 

In order to fulfill its purpose, the Focus Group will: 

  1. Develop an understanding of the current situation 
  2. Assist in prioritizing next steps and future initiative and/or projects, etc. to Kneehill County Council
  3. Engage stakeholder opinions regarding opportunities and concerns related to initiatives in or around the Canyon.

View the Horseshoe Canyon Focus Group Terms of Reference for more information.

Please note: Space is limited. Members will be notified once appointed to the committee by Kneehill County Council. All members must have working email and internet access.

Click here to apply by October 13, 2020!