2019 Budget

Copy of Budget 2019 (3)Kneehill County’s Budget is funded largely by property and linear taxes, user fees and grants, and is comprised of these two components:

  • Operating Budget- the plan for day-to-day operations, including administration, materials, and supplies.
  • Capital Budget- the annual plan for the purchase and financing of major assets, including infrastructure, lands, building, machinery, and equipment.

Like any household or business, the needs and wants within Kneehill County are often greater than what can be afforded. Each year, as a part of the budget process, choices must be made that directly impact the level of services the County can provide. 

The annual budget takes into consideration competing priorities and challenges, while at the same time, strives to provide high-quality services for all citizens. 

Department Budget Presentations

  • Council and Legislative Services: Page 1 -9
  • Communications: Page 10-15 
  • Transportation: Page 16-35
  • Environmental Services: Page 36-42
  • Ag Services and Parks: Page 43-55
  • Planning and Development: Page 56-58
  • Protective Services: Page 59-67

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Click above to watch the 2019 draft budget presentations from November 13, 2018, Regular Meeting of Council.