Cannabis Legislation FAQ's


Questions about Cannabis Legislation in Kneehill County?
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How many federally licensed medical production facilities are currently in Alberta?

There are 6 licensed facilities in Alberta and 109 licensed facilities in Canada.

What are the licenses for?

Federal licenses authorize standard or micro (small scale) cultivation, standard or microprocessing, and/or sales of either medical or non-medical cannabis.

How many registered medical users are there?

There are approximately 201,398 licensed users across Canada and approximately 74,013 of those are registered in Alberta.

What is the legal age to obtain Cannabis?

The legal age is 19 in all provinces except Alberta and Quebec, where the legal age is 18.

How much can I have on my person at any one time?

A person 18 or over in Alberta can have up to 30 grams of dried cannabis on their person at any one time

Can I grow cannabis at home?

Yes, under the new legislation you are able to grow 4 plants per household, (not per adult).

Where can I buy cannabis once it is legal?

A licensed retail location.  (A retailer must obtain a license through the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. They must also obtain any required local permits.)

Do I have any say in where retail stores are located?

Applications for a retail store require approval from the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. Pending applications are posted on the AGLC website where you would have 21 days to submit an objection. Depending on how the Land Use Bylaw for Kneehill County is drafted, an opportunity to participate in the municipal process would occur during a redesignation of lands or a discretionary use development permit.

What does Kneehill County require for zoning?

The current Land Use Bylaw 1718 requires a medical marihuana production facility to rezone to Industrial District.  Council is proposing that retail locations and recreational production facilities are required to rezone to a Direct Control District. However, changes to the current Land Use Bylaw will be necessary to require this.

How many retail applications have been received by AGLC?

As of April 2018, 452 applications have been received by AGLC.

Can cannabis be purchased online?

The province will have jurisdiction over online sales.  Purchasers must be 18 years of age and will have a 30 gm/day limit.

Are there limits on retail locations?

Retail locations must meet the setbacks required in the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act and regulations. The municipality can require larger setbacks and can include more uses in the restricted zone.

What are the health effects of smoking cannabis?

Alberta Health Services has created a factsheet outlining the health effects:

What is Kneehill County doing regarding Cannabis?

Council is advising we should follow AHS recommendations, however; they are currently seeking input to determine how the Land Use Bylaw should address cannabis.

Where can I consume cannabis?

Public consumption of cannabis is prohibited in many jurisdictions. Kneehill County is considering this but has not created a bylaw to address this yet. It is the consumer obligation to know the rules in your location.