Flood Recovery

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Kneehill County has canceled the Overland Flood Alert as runoff has slowed and water levels in the Three Hills and Kneehills Creek are subsiding. 

Road Closures remain in effect, please visit our Road Closure page for more information. Fixing the roads is of high priority. If you see areas and washouts not already flagged, please contact our office, 403-443-5541. If issues are flagged, they are already on the to-do list.

Many roads in the County are down to one lane, please slow down and use caution when traveling in these areas. Obey the Road Closed signs and do not go around barriers. Thank you for your patience.

For our residents affected by the flooding, please see below for helpful links and resources. Contact the Kneehill County office, 1-866-443-5541 if you require assistance. Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies.

 Thank you to our volunteers and community members who continue to come together in Flood Recovery! 

Drinking Water Sample Submission

Residents using their own water supply, (private well) can collect samples for testing their drinking water. Follow the instructions below:

(Note: This is for private wells only. Sampling and testing of Kneehill County distributed water is conducted by Kneehill County staff. Contact 403-443-5541 to report any issues.) 

How to Collect a Water Sample for Bacteria Testing

Understanding Your Drinking Water Bacteria Testing Results

Water sample bottle pick up & drop off locations for Central zone