Solar Energy


How much did the solar panel system cost?

Council approved $150,000 for the anticipated cost of the system. 104 40x60” panel were installed.
They have a 25 year life span and are rated for
1 inch hail being driven at 90 kmh.

How many kilowatts do the panels produce?

31.72 kw

How much energy will the system generate?

41, 236 kw/hrs per year

How much will Kneehill County save in energy costs?

A 22kva system was needed for a building of this size to be net zero.

As many solar panels as possible were installed; however, it will take some time to see any offset of energy as the actual loads are unknown at this time.

Black Diamond, for example, uses 0.16 per kw for delivered electricity costs. Using this number, the savings would be approximately $6600/year.

Are there grant programs for this?

The Growing Forward 2 – On-Farm Solar
Photovoltaics program provides funding towards
solar photovoltaics on Alberta farms. This enables producers to conserve non-renewable fossil field
and reduce carbon emissions, ultimately reducing the environmental footprint of Alberta’s agricultural industry, as well as reducing operating expenses. Producers are eligible to receive up to $50,000 in grant money towards the purchasing and
installation of solar photovoltaics.

The program is currently fully subscribed for the 2016 fiscal year. For more information about 2017, visit


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Goose Creek Renewable Energy Inc. Information

Goose Creek Renewable Energy Inc. customizes and installs off-grid and grid-tie solar photovoltaic power systems. Our customized systems cover agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential power generation solutions. Over the past eleven years, the company, based just outside of Blackie, Alberta, has successfully completed over 500 solar power generation projects throughout Western Canada.  

December 2015 News Release

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