Sponsorship & Promotional

Youth Sponsorshippond skating 2016

Council supports youth through sponsorship to participate in programs involving travel to other parts of the province, country, or world for sporting, cultural, and/or educational programs, exchanges, and events. (This does not include summer camps, summer schools, or summer programs).

Youth Sponsorship Policy
Youth Sponsorship Application

Promotional Items

Council provides items of promotional value to special interest groups, volunteer fire services, dignitaries, local charitable organizations, service groups, and for sports events held within the County, including the urban centers. 

Promotional Items

Recreation, Community, Arts & Cultural Events

This policy sets guidelines for Council to address requests from individuals and organizations for sponsorship for recreation, community, arts, and cultural events not covered by other grants, scholarships, awards, and donations.

Funding under this program is at the discretion of the CAO, to a maximum of $250 per request. Funding over this amount is at the discretion of Council by resolution.

Recreation, Community, Arts and Cultural Events Policy