Al Hoggan, CLGM
Chief Administrative Officer
403-443-5541 ext.103

Laurie Watt, CLGM
Director of Municipal Services
403-443-5541 ext. 300

Mike Morton, CGA
Director of Corporate Services
403-443-5541 ext. 200

Debra Grosfield, CLGM
Communications Officer
403-443-5541 ext. 500

Brad Buchert

Senior Manager Transportation and Facilities
403-443-5541 ext. 2203

Bowen Clausen
Manager ASB and Parks
403-443-5541 ext. 2222

Barb Hazelton
Manager of Planning and Development
403-443-5541 ext. 400

John Mckiernan
Manager Environmental Services
403-443-5541 ext. 2213

Will Wolfe
Manager of Financial Services
403-443-5541 ext. 201

Natalie Chubala:
Kneehill County E

mployee of the Year 2017!

Employee of the Year 2017small

 Natalie was nominated by her peers for her passion, dedication to excellence, and the AWESOME attitude she exudes to both her co-workers and those who call Kneehill County home. Creator of the Citizens in Action program, Natalie leads by example, teaching children leadership through community involvement and acts of kindness. Volunteering her time to countless organizations, Natalie is always willing to lend a hand and brings a smile to everyone she meets.

We are proud to name her Employee of the Year!

At the Kneehill County Christmas Celebration other employees were also recognized for their dedicated service:

Councillor Glen Keiver - 10 years
Ken Hazelton - 20 years
Glen White - 10 years
Heather Kostrosky - 10 years
Glenn Beattie - 10 years
Carolyn Vanderkuil - 5 years
Ernie Sich - 5 years