Peter Tarnawsky,
Interim Chief Administrative Officer
403-443-5541 ext.103

Laurie Watt, CLGM
Director of Municipal Services
403-443-5541 ext. 300

Mike Morton, CGA
Director of Corporate Services
403-443-5541 ext. 200

Debra Grosfield, CLGM
Manager of Protective Services
403-443-5541 ext. 500

Brad Buchert

Senior Manager of Transportation and Facilities
403-443-5541 ext. 2203

Bowen Clausen
Manager ASB and Parks
403-443-5541 ext. 2222

Barb Hazelton
Manager of Planning and Development
403-443-5541 ext. 400

John Mckiernan
Manager of Environmental Services
403-443-5541 ext. 2213

Will Wolfe
Manager of Financial Services
403-443-5541 ext. 201

Christine Anderson
Communications Officer
403-443-5541 ext. 501

Shaine Issac:
Kneehill County Employee of the Year 2018!

Shaine Cropped

Shaine was nominated by his peers for his dedication, dependability, and his willingness to go above and beyond.
Celebrating 5 years of service at Kneehill County, Shaine takes care of Purchasing & Procurement and Building Maintenance, dealing with HVAC systems, repairs, and even pest control.
No matter the task, Shaine performs his duties with a positive, upbeat attitude and a smile on his face. He’s friendly and persistent; a creative problem solver, open to ideas and suggestions and always willing to lend a hand.

We are proud to name him Employee of the Year!

At the Kneehill County Christmas Celebration other employees were also recognized for their dedicated service:

5 Years
Andy Echlin
Shaine Issac
Caroline Siverson
Fallon Sherlock
Rajeana Nyman
Jordan Unger
Frank Nelson
Al Hoggan

10 Years 
Don Adolf
Mike Morton
Donny Collins
Mary Lou Willis
Will Wolfe