Awards & Recognition

Recognition and Congratulations

To establish a policy to provide congratulatory recognition for milestone events, celebrations, and accomplishments occurring within Kneehill County and neighboring municipalities.

Recognition, Congratulatory Policy

Farm Family Award

Every year, Alberta Agriculture Service Board representatives from local rural municipalities nominate a farm family for their contributions and commitment to agriculture and their communities. All nominees are honored at the Farm Family Award Ceremonies held in conjunction with the Calgary Stampede.

Kneehill County Ag Services Board & Council recognize together, with the Calgary Stampede and Bank of Montreal (BMO) the importance of honoring farm families. Those who best typify the ideals and way of life for the farm family unit and their contributions to the enhancement of the family's quality of life, their rural community, and society.

2023 BMO Farm Family Award Recipients, the Lemay Family

These guidelines include Community Involvement, Agricultural Industry Involvement & Business Updates, Team Farm Management, and Technical Practices.

Century Farm Award

To recognize the achievement of century family farms and ranches within Kneehill County's boundaries and to honor such achievement by the presentation of a plaque.

100 Year Farm and Ranch Award
100 Year Farm and Ranch Application