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Fire Engines Delivered to Communities through Collaboration

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On September 28, 2020, Kneehill County region's fire services were further enhanced with the delivery of four brand new fire trucks to the Town of Trochu, Village of Carbon, Village of Acme, and Hamlet of Torrington.

“Fire protection is so important, and we are so pleased to partner with our neighbouring municipalities to provide these enhanced fire services to our residents,” said Kneehill County Reeve, Jerry Wittstock, “Special thanks to our local fire chiefs and volunteer firefighters for your continued dedication to our residents, and for working together to make this possible.”


Local Fire Stations

Kneehill County residents are served by 6 fire stations including hall locations in the Village of Acme, Village of Carbon, Village of Linden, Town of Trochu, Town of Three Hills and Kneehill County’s own Hamlet of Torrington.

Kneehill County currently contracts out fire services under a Master Fire Agreement with these towns and villages and operates the Torrington Fire Hall under Kneehill County’s umbrella.

Kneehill County would like to recognize the brave men and women who volunteer for their local Fire Department, sacrificing their time and risking their lives to ensure our homes and communities are kept safe.
Thank you to all the firefighters who serve the Kneehill County region!

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Fire Training Structure

The Fire Training Structure has been installed at the Kneehill County Training Centre located at the Trochu Fire Hall. The structure was funded by the ACP Provincial grant program supporting regional initiatives, including fire services. The structure allows the firefighters in our region to train under the real pressures of fire, heat, and smoke.

A regional fire mutual aid agreement is in place for fire services within Kneehill County (including Three Hills, Torrington, Trochu, Linden, Carbon, Acme). The agreement includes cost-sharing, equipment sharing, and mutual aid.

Fire Services Bylaw

In case of an emergency please dial 9-1-1

Fire Department contact: Debra Grosfield 403-443-5541 (Messages will be relayed to the fire chiefs).

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