Assessment of Property

Residential_Non Residential Re-Inspection Cycle

The goal of Kneehill County is to provide accurate and equitable assessments that are used for the purpose of collecting property taxes. The property tax is an important source of revenue.

The provincial government establishes the legislation, policies and guidelines that determine how assessments are to be done. Kneehill County's contractor assessor, Accurate Assessment, calculates the assessment per the provincial legislation and guidelines.

Value of Property

Residential and non-residential properties, other than special purpose properties, are assessed at market value using mass appraisal techniques. Market value is determined by examining multiple sales of property. It is not the specific price of an individual property.

Farmland is assessed per regulated rates based on the productivity value of the land. The current provincially set base rate is 350 per acre for 100% land farmed without the advantage of irrigation.

Industrial oilfield, manufacturing plants and special purpose properties are assessed using the cost approach.

Assessment Roll & Appeal

Property owners have the right to inspect the assessment roll and can get an explanation of how their assessments are prepared by contacting the County office. They also have the right to appeal their assessment to the Assessment Review Board and the Municipal Government Board. The appeal must be in writing and must be made within 60 days of the mailing of the assessment notice. The appropriate filing fee must accompany the appeal to the Assessment Review Board.

Alberta Municipal Affairs
Updated Regulations

For further property assessment complaints and appeal information, please visit: Alberta Municipal Affairs.

Assessment Roll

2019 Assessment for 2020 Tax Year (9 MB)

For previous years Assessment Rolls and further information, please contact:

Toll-free 1-866-443-5541