Coyote Control

Coyotes are declared a nuisance under the Alberta Agricultural Pest Act and associated Pest and Nuisance Control Regulations. An owner or occupant of land may prevent the establishment of, control or destroy a declared nuisance pest on land under their control. 

When requested, Kneehill County Ag Service Staff will assist landholders in managing coyote predation of their livestock with information and procedures as set out by the Alberta Agriculture’s Operations Policy and Procedures for Coyote Predation Management Program. The program authorizes municipal appointed inspectors to set out or issue coyote control materials when confirmed predation of livestock has occurred and all other management strategies have been exhausted. 

Complaints of coyote predation will be investigated by the Ag Services inspector to confirm coyote predation and assess the situation with the landholder. The landholder should take steps to preserve the carcass and any other evidence as best as possible.

Coyote Predation Policy

Contact Kneehill County Ag Services staff if you may have a livestock predator problem, 403-443-5541.