Clubroot Control

Clubroot Confirmed in Kneehill County

Kneehill County has confirmed two separate cases of Clubroot within the County since 2018. Clubroot is a serious soil-borne crop disease that affects canola and other cruciferous crops. Clubroot causes the formation of galls on the roots, which leads to the premature death of the plant. Clubroot was first confirmed in Alberta in 2003 when it was found in a canola field northwest of Edmonton, and it was declared as a pest under the Alberta Agricultural Pests Act in 2007.

Clubroot is spread mainly through the movement of soil containing Clubroot spores, typically transported on equipment, vehicles, and through erosion. Clubroot spores have a long half-life of approximately 4 years, however, spores have been shown to survive up to 20 years in the soil. There is currently no treatment for this crop disease, however, it can be effectively managed to reduce the severity of its impact on crop yield. Best management practices for Clubroot include: regular scouting of fields, appropriate crop rotation, seeding resistant canola varieties, and sanitizing / washing equipment.

The Kneehill County Agricultural Services staff survey canola fields in the County for Clubroot on an annual basis, and encourage all canola growers to scout their fields also. A critical step in managing Clubroot is early detection. Symptoms of Clubroot in canola may present as galls on the root of the plant, premature ripening, wilting of the plant, and stunted growth. Clubroot is commonly found in the entrances to fields, but it can occur in any portion of a field.

If you require more information or if you would like an inspector to survey your field, please contact Kneehill County Agricultural Services at 403-443-5541.

Kneehill County Agricultural Service Board (ASB) Clubroot policy

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What is Clubroot of Canola?

Clubroot is a serious soil-borne disease of crucifer crops. The crucifer family includes vegetable crops like cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower as well as field crops such as canola and mustard. Clubroot attacks the root system of these plants and restricts sufficient water and nutrients for above-ground plant parts.

How does the Disease Spread?

- 6.3 million spores per gram of soil.
Clubroot can only spread through resting spores in the soil. These resting spores are most likely to spread by contaminated soil carried from field to field by equipment, but can also be contributed to the movement of soil by water & wind erosion, soil in hay or straw, wildlife and humans.

Regulatory Status

Clubroot was added as a declared pest to the Agricultural Pests Act in April 2007. The owner or occupant of land has the responsibility of taking measures to prevent the establishment of any pest on land, property, and livestock, and to control or destroy all pests on the land or property. Enforcement of pest control measures is the responsibility of the municipal authority Kneehill County ASB. By virtue of the office, the Agricultural Fieldman is a pest inspector under the Agricultural Pests Act. Pest inspectors have the power to enter land at any reasonable hour, without permission, to inspect for pests and collect samples.

Clubroot Control

Control measures for Clubroot are specified in the Alberta Clubroot Management Plan. It is important to understand that these control measures represent an acceptable minimum standard that is to be applied in all municipalities across the province. Municipalities, however, can adopt more stringent standards within their own jurisdictions.

Kneehill County Agricultural Service Board (ASB) Clubroot policy provides control measures in Kneehill County.

For more information contact the ASB office at 443-5541 or toll-free 1-866-443-5541.

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