Pesticide Container Recycling

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Cleanfarms' ag chem jug recycling program is changing! Collection sites are transitioning from municipal to retail locations. The Three Hills Transfer Site will cease collection of the <23L containers starting January 2024. Visit for more information. 

Agricultural Empty Pesticide Container Collection

The ASB operates the empty agricultural pesticide container site in partnership with Alberta Environment.

The collection site is located at the Three Hills Transfer Site, at

Agricultural pesticide containers will be accepted if:

  • All containers are empty
  • Containers are removed from cardboard boxes or another secondary container
  • Containers are pressure or triple rinsed to remove all pesticide residue
  • All caps and labels removed from containers
  • Containers are bagged. Bags are available at the Three Hills Transfer Site (different bags than twine.) 

An unwanted pesticide and livestock medication collection program is also available through Clean Farms. (The program returns in 2024.)

When pesticide containers are disposed of improperly, residue from these containers can contaminate the environment. As well, if the containers are burned, the plastic and the pesticide residue can emit toxic compounds that can have a negative impact on air quality. Burning also leaves toxic ashes that pollute the soil and groundwater.

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