Ag Plastic Recycling

Recycle Plastic Bale TwineCopy of Copy of Please Remember! (3)

Large collection bags that fit into 45 gal. barrels are now available compliments of Kneehill County for used plastic bale twine. The collection bags are available for pick up at the Kneehill County Office. A designated collection area for full bags of plastic twine has been made available at the Three Hills County Transfer Site. These bags must be tied shut and must only contain used plastic twine which is FREE of STRAW, METAL, MANURE, MUD and WOOD.  

Plastic Netwrap and other Ag Plastics

Kneehill County Transfer Stations will NOT accept Plastic Netwrap or Ag Plastics. Plastic Netwrap and Ag Plastics can be bagged and taken to landfills that accept Ag plastics for disposal. 

Plastic Grain Bag / Silage Bag Recycling

Crowfoot Plastics at Green Acres Colony is now accepting plastic grain bags for recycling.  Only clean plastic grain bags (rolled) will be accepted at this time, and Crowfoot Plastics reserves the right to refuse any load due contamination of foreign material.

Bags will be accepted every Wednesday of each month from 7 a.m. – 11 a.m. and from 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.

For more information please call (403) 641-2673

Directions NE-28-22-20-W4
From Hussar: go south on Hwy 56, west 2 miles on Twp.Rd. 230, south 1.5 miles on Rge.Rd. 203
From Hwy 1: go north on Hwy 56, west 2 miles on Twp.Rd. 230, south 1.5 miles on Rge.Rd. 203