Rental Equipment

The Kneehill County ASB has available to all Kneehill County ratepayers for agricultural use and for use only with-in Kneehill County a great selection of agricultural rental equipment. Rental Equipment Policy. 

2018 Rental Equipment

2018 Rental Price List
*All equipment is only for private use within Kneehill County.

Pasture Sprayer 500 gal.

$150.00/day minimum charge

Cattle Scale 10 ft.

$100.00 per day minimum charge, free to 4H

Portable Livestock Chute 12 ft.

$100.00 per day minimum charge, free to 4H

Hayland/Pasture Leveler 35 ft.

$225.00/day minimum charge

Brillion Grass Seeder 12 ft.

$175.00/day minimum charge

Herbicide handgun sprayer 80 gal.

$30.00/day minimum charge

Insecticide handgun sprayer 30 gal.

$30.00/day minimum charge

Skid Mount Pneumatic Spreader

$30.00/day minimum charge

Mechanical Spreader

$30.00/day minimum charge

Solar Watering System

$150.00/week minimum charge (first-time users, free two-week trial)

Forage Probe

Free - Sign use agreement

Livestock Tag Readers

Free - Sign use agreement

Grass/Fert. Hand Crank Spreader

Free - Sign use agreement

Private Land Weed Control

$75/acre plus cost of chemical

AG Plastic Recycling Roller
No Till Drill - 15'
$17/acre, $300 per day minimum
Urban Weed & Pest Inspection Fee
$30.00/hour + $0.55/km
2% Liquid Stychnine
Current market price plus 10%