Agricultural Services Board

Agriculture continues to be an integral part of Kneehill County. The Agricultural Service Board (ASB) was established in 1945 and continues to recommend and inform Council decisions.

The Board

The ASB consists of 4 Councillors, 3 Members at Large, 3 Staff Members, and an Alberta Agriculture Representative. The board meets regularly to discuss many agriculture-related items and make recommendations to Council.

ASB Structure, Conferences, Tours & Remuneration

Board Priorities

The Kneehill County Agricultural Service Board has set goals to encourage sustainable agriculture, the preservation and efficient use of our soil and water resources, and the prevention of the spread of invasive pests and weeds. In order to meet these goals, landowners are advised about proper land utilization in an effort to improve economic well-being. Priorities include effective weed and pest control using an integrated, pest management approach in controlling weeds, diseases, insects, and predators, and the prevention of soil and water degradation.

The Agricultural Service Board strives to deliver programs that focus on education and provide information on available resources that will assist farmers to deal with their issues effectively.

2023-2025 ASB Business Plan

ASB Factsheet

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Livestock Identification and Traceability Program (TRACE)

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