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View Kneehill County’s Electoral Division Map to find your Divisional Councillor. 


Division 3-- Jerry Wittstock, Reeve
Phone: 403-312-6196 Jerry Wittstock 2 Opens in new windowReeve Wittstock's Code of Ethics


Division 1-- Faye McGhee, Deputy Reeve
Phone: 403-436-1611 Faye Mcghee Opens in new windowDeputy Reeve McGhee's Code of Ethics


Division 2-- Debbie Penner, Councillor
Phone: 403-818-3108 Debbie Penner Opens in new windowCouncillor Penner's Code of Ethics


Division 4-- Glen Keiver, Councillor
Phone: 403-443-7738 Glen Keiver Opens in new windowCouncillor Keiver’s Code of Ethics


Division 5-- Jim Hugo, Councillor
Phone: 403-443-7317 Jim Hugo Opens in new windowCouncillor Hugo’s Code of Ethics


Division 6-- Wade Christie, Councillor
Phone: 403-588-1992 Wade Christie Opens in new windowCouncillor Christie’s Code of Ethics


Division 7-- Kenneth King, Councillor
Phone: 403-443-0285 Kenneth King Opens in new windowCouncillor King’s Code of Ethics

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