Transportation Update Sept. 20, 2017

  • The slide repair on Range Road 20-5 is near completion.
  • Bridges at SE 2-30-35 and NW 5-31-25 are having work completed on the deck boards.
  • Radio Tower building maintenance is being completed by crews throughout the fall. 
  • Gravel stockpile clean up at SE 4-30-23. 
  • Re-gravelling will be completed by the end of September, some locations as needed.
  • Hauling clay to begin for next year's rebuild on 25-1.
  • Culvert replacement and ditch cleaning on-going. 
  • A hydrovac crew has been in Torrington cleaning culverts along Railroad Avenue to allow for better flow for spring runoff. 
  • Huxley Bulk Water building is getting a new facelift with new siding and roof this fall.
  • Crews increased the width of the roadway around Swalwell Bulk Water station. 
curvy road end at cliff

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Transportation Manager Contact: Brad Buchert

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July 2016 - shoulder pull work done on gravel roads