Our Vision
Our vision is of an engaged, vibrant, safe community
where people want to live, work and play.

Our Mission
Kneehill County strives to enhance and promote the community through informed leadership and responsible governance.

Our Values
Our values aim to provide meaning, purpose and direction to the municipality.

Rural Way of Quality Life - We live in a community which allows us to slow down and to enjoy our families and lives. We believe in maintaining the lifestyle we have in rural Alberta with improved medical services, a fiscally supported infrastructure plan, and planning decisions that open our community to variance in response to change.

Sustainability - We value fiscal responsibility and good management that continues to compliment our sustainability. New development projects and community initiatives within our borders will be welcomed as opportunities. Sustaining viable communities by regional cooperation, communication and collaboration.

Safe Community with Social Cohesion and Opportunities - We believe there is a balance in maintaining community cohesiveness, which makes our region attractive to our current rate payers, potential rate payers and tourists.


November 10, 2016: Meeting with Provincial Ministers

Kneehill County has been instrumental in meeting with Provincial Ministers for the past two years in regard to the changing Municipal Government Act. The MGA governs how municipalities operate in Alberta. Danielle Larivee, Alberta Minister of Municipal Affairs, thanked Kneehill County for being an “inspiring example” in regional collaboration.

Letter from Minister Nov 16

Click here to download the letter.

IMG_1015Council has adopted the Council Code of Conduct Bylaw, having each Councillor will take an Oath as part of the Bylaw.