Road Closures

Notification of Road Closure: 

July 10, 2019: RGE RD 22-5, between TWP RD 28-4 and TWP RD 29-0, is closed due to culvert installation.
The road will be closed for approximately four to five days to allow for construction. Detour on TWP RD 29-0. 

Twp Rd 29-0

Microsurfacing: Linden Area

June 26, 2019: Kneehill County contract crews will be micro-surfacing this week on the Linden Nursing Home road (Rge Rd 25-4, north from Twp Rd 30-4 to Twp Rd 31-0), and the Linden East road (Twp Rd 30-4, east to Hwy 21.) 
Roads will remain open, however, travelers in the area should expect some delays. 
The micro-surfacing should be completed in three to four days, weather permitting.

Micro-surfacing is a mixture of polymer modified asphalt emulsion, 100% manufactured aggregate, portland cement, water and liquid additives. The product fills minor surface cavities and corrects weathered, pitted and raveling asphault surfaces, while adding excellent skid resistance and extending the roadways life cycle.

Linden East


Range Road 22-5, known locally as Sharples Road, will be seeing an upgrade from Highway 575 to Highway 9. The construction will be beginning mid-May to June. The upgrade will consist of a shoulder pull and road sloping on the areas south from Hwy 575 to the top of the hill and south two miles from Twp Rd 28-4 to Highway 9. From the south hill to Twp Rd 28-4 there will be a curve realignment and new construction.

The roadway will remain open to local residents only, with some delays. Road closures will be limited as much as possible but may be required due to culvert replacements in the valleys. Residents affected by the closures will be given notification prior to construction.

sharples map

Shoulder Pull Projects for 2019:

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Provincial/Alberta Transportation Projects in our Area

Please note, the following are not Kneehill County roads. We are sharing the information on behalf of Alberta Transportation. Please visit for more information.

HWY 27 (Red Deer River) Bridge Construction (ALBERTA TRANSPORTATION)
Demolition and replacement of the Morrin Bridge will be taking place starting on September 19, 2017. Traffic will continue on the existing bridge until the replacement bridge is complete. Expect delays.
Morrin Bridge
 For more information, visit