Horseshoe Canyon

Reeve Long talks Horseshoe Canyon on Drumheller Online.
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Horseshoe Canyon featured in Canadian Living

The coulees of Horseshoe Canyon recently served as the backdrop for a Canadian Living Magazine photo shoot, with models displaying different jackets amid the rugged landscape.

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Horseshoe Canyon Inaugural Event

Horseshoe Canyon GifThe dramatic natural landscape of Horseshoe Canyon.

Reeve LongEvent
Reeve Long addresses the crowd at Horseshoe Canyon Inaugural Event, September 30, 2016

Stairs at Horseshoe Canyon

A stairway to the bottom of the canyon is just one of the improvements made by Kneehill County Parks.

Horseshoe Canyon

The popular attraction offers stunning vistas from newly constructed lookouts.


Work Begins at Horseshoe Canyon


Pathways are being constructed throughout Horseshoe Canyon in September. This will not only help with the safety of the area, but will also provide a path for most of the foot traffic to stay on.Erosion Matting

Erosion matting is being placed at some spots in Horseshoe Canyon to minimize erosion damage.


Kneehill County Invests in Horseshoe Canyon Tourism

Press release July 26, 2016

At the May 10, 2016 Regular Meeting, Council moved forward on purchasing the privately owned area icon and tourism draw, Horseshoe Canyon. The land is located at SW 27-28-21-W4M in the southeast part of Kneehill County. The land title was transferred at the beginning of July, making the purchase official.

Council discussed the Horseshoe Canyon Action Plan at the July 26 Regular Council Meeting. Immediate plans consist of making the observation area safer for visitors, as drainage has caused washouts in many areas.

Kneehill County Agriculture and Parks Department continues to work on developing a long term plan to present to Council, including recreation areas, hiking trails and other developments that will support long term economic goals of our area.

Reeve Bob Long is excited to have the area under our wing, “Horseshoe Canyon is a gem in our prairie profile, a part of the Canadian Badlands. It’s an important attraction to maintain for our many visitors and residents to enjoy.”

Horseshoe Canyon parking area was originally under Kneehill County control through a long-term lease until the management of the property was turned over to Alberta Parks and Recreation in 1986. When the Province made plans to privatize or close the parking lot area in 1998, Kneehill County entered a partnership with the Town of Drumheller to further promote tourism in the region.

On September 6, 2002, the Horseshoe Canyon Conservation Area was opened by the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Kneehill County re-assumed ownership of the parking lot of the popular tourism stop in 2008, and pavement and bathrooms were added to upgrade the area.

With the full quarter now under ownership and operation of Kneehill County, we will be able to develop the recreation area while working with our neighbours, Nature Conservancy of Canada to the west of the parking area.

Featured on CTV Morning Live. Watch the video here.