Public Safety

Kneehill Public Safety conducts activities within the boundaries of Kneehill County, in the communities of Acme, Carbon, Linden, Trochu, and Three Hills. Public Safety enforces compliance with provincial statutes and select municipal bylaws. The primary objectives of the department are public safety and protection of infrastructure. Those objectives are pursued by monitoring of heavy vehicles (weights and dimensions) and enforcement of the Alberta Traffic Safety Act (amongst other statutes and bylaws).

Alberta's Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) helmet laws are changing. As of May 15, 2017, CSA-compliant helmets must be worn by OHV users when riding on public land.
Read more here: OHV Helmet Law

Permitting any overweight movement on County roads handled by Roadata Services.

Visit our Road Bans page for more information. or 1-888-830-7623

Permitting for Provincial highways overweight/over dimension loads through Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation

Other Statutes Enforced: Alberta Queens Printer
  • Animal Protection Act

  • Dangerous Dogs Act

  • Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act

  • Fuel Tax Act

  • Gaming and Liquor Act

  • Line Fence Act

  • Petty Trespass Act

  • Prevention of Youth Tobacco Use Act

  • Provincial Offense Procedure Act

  • Public Highways Development Act

  • Stray Animals Act

  • Traffic Safety Act

  • Trespass to Premises Act

  • Transportation and Handling of Dangerous Goods Act

  • Innkeepers Act

  • The Tobacco Reduction Act

Questions or Concerns: (403) 443-5541

Toll Free: 1-866-443-5541


Alberta Fire Bans
Alberta Emergency Alerts/Agency
Fire Commissioners Office

PO NAtalie

Farm Equipment and Traffic Safety Act

Kneehill County Public Safety and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement host information sessions on Farm Equipment Regulations and Exemptions. 

Click to view the  Alberta Traffic Safety Act. 

farm safety

The Safe Transport of Farm Equipment in Alberta is a revised manual for farm owners and workers transporting agricultural equipment on public roads.

For more information, and to order a hard-copy, visit the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Website.

For quick reference, download Kneehill County's Farm Exemption Handout here, or click the magazine below to view full-screen.