Understanding Tax Notice

Municipal Property Tax
This is the rate set by Kneehill County Council to raise revenue to attain a balanced budget, as per the Municipal Government Act. The mill rate is multiplied by your market value assessment to produce the invoice.


In accordance with the Municipal Government Act R.S.A. 2000 M-26 and amendments thereto, notice is hereby given that the 2016 combined ‘Assessment and Taxation Notices' have been mailed as of May 20, 2016 to Kneehill County ratepayers. If you have not received your copy of the combined 'Tax and Assessment Notice', please contact Caroline Siverson at the County office, 403-443-5541.

The assessment roll is open for inspection by the public and can be viewed at the Kneehill County office at 1600, 2 Street NE, Three Hills during regular business hours of Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm or on the Kneehill County website.

Any person wishing to object to an item on the Assessment Roll must do so in writing, as per the instructions located on the back of your Tax Notice, before 4:30pm on July 19, 2016. Details are also available on our website.

Education Property Tax
Every year the province calculates, based on assessment value, the amount each municipality must contribute towards the public education system.

Municipalities collect the education property tax from ratepayers and then forward it to the province for deposit into the ASFF. 

Contact the Province: Toll-free by dialing 310-0000 and then 422-7125, or (780) 422-7125 regarding the education property tax. View education funding information at: www.education.alberta.ca/admin/funding.aspx

Declaring School Support
You can declare your school support by filling out a School Support Notice Form. You may amend your school support for any year of assessment.
This only affects residents in the following areas:
SE 3 and Sections 11-15, 20-28, 34 & 35 in Township 28, Range 20
Sections 11 and 13 to 34 in Township 29, Range 21
N1/2 of 13 & 14, N1/2 & SE 15, All of Sections 22-26, 35 & 36 in Township 29, Range, 22
Sections 1 & 2 in Township 30, Range 22
Sections 13-16, 21-28 and 33-36 in Township 28, Range 23