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Private Lane Snowplowing

Grading/Snowplowing of Private Driveways

Snowplow & Grader Agreement
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Snowplowing/Grading Policy

 Policy Statement and Guidelines:

  • When deemed necessary by the CAO or designate, snow removal coverage will be provided 7 days a week to address a significant or extreme snow event.
  • If the weather is severe and the operators are at risk, Kneehill County will halt plowing operations.
  • With the exception of emergency situations, plowing private driveways will be ranked as a second priority.
  • Graders will start after the storm and as deemed necessary by the CAO or designate. They will vary their routes taking approximately 4-5 days to complete a division not including clean up and drifting.
  • Emergency situations will be assessed at the discretion of the CAO or designate.

Snowplowing Policy – County Road Allowances:

  • Generally, plowing of snow will only be undertaken when snow accumulates to a minimum of ten (10) cm of snow.
  • Snowplowing of County road allowances may not follow the School Bus Routes.
  • Sanding: or ice blading of icy stretches and intersection will be done on an as required basis. The priority will be intersections and curves on roads. Other areas will be done with the available resources as need dictates.
  • Windrows: while the County will make every effort to reduce the extent, windrows will be deposited across laneways as a result of snow clearing activities. Please keep in mind that in order for the County to maintain efficiency, these windrows will not be removed by the County, and are the responsibility of the adjacent landowner.

List of Priorities: 

  1. Arterial Roads
  2. Collector Roads
  3. Hamlets - Snow is piled on boulevards and areas available. Under heavy snow conditions and only if deemed necessary by the CAO or designate, will the snow be hauled away. Windrows created on driveways as a result of this operation are the landowner's responsibility.
  4. Country Residential Subdivisions - Windrows created on driveways as a result of this operation are the landowner's responsibility.
  5. Reservoir Sites
  6. Transfer Sites

 List of Second Priorities:

  1. Private Driveways

Procedures for Snowplowing/Grading Policy for Private Driveways

  • Rates for snowplowing/Grading will be set as per Master Rates Bylaw.
  • Landowners wishing private driveways to be plowed by County machinery must complete and sign a Grading/Snowplowing Agreement - Appendix A prior to the work being commenced. Payment will be required prior to any snowplowing/grading being commenced. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, interact, MasterCard or Visa.
  • The request is placed with the Kneehill County Office. Such snow removal operations shall only be undertaken at the discretion of the Municipality and shall not in any way interfere with the regular supply of services and maintenance to the municipality at large.
  • The County will invoice school bus drivers for snowplowing/grading their own private driveways. School bus drivers' driveways will be treated in the same manner as all private driveways in regards to priority, agreement signage, as well as payments for services.

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