Shoulder Pull Program, 2018

In conjunction with the 2015 Kneehill County Road study, Kneehill County has developed a shoulder pull program to enhance the longevity of our roads, conducting 225 miles of shoulder pulls over the past 5 years. 2018's program will focus on 59 miles of roadway in the north-western portion of the County beginning in August, and weather permitting, the contractor should have the project completed within 30 days. 

What is Shoulder Pulling?

With time and use, the surface material of the road gets spread out onto the roadside (shoulders) until the crown of the road is essentially squished out from the center to the sides. The shoulder pull maintenance brings the material back onto the main road surface and returns the road to its proper state, reducing road rebuilds, repairs on trouble areas, re-graveling costs, and grader passes. 

What can residents expect? 

Local residents can expect temporary road closures and traffic disruption in the area. Stay tuned to Kneehill County's social media and the Road Closures page of the website for closure updates and more information.

Which roads are scheduled for 2018's Shoulder Pull Program?

  • Rge Rd 23-4 from Twp Rd 34-0 to Twp Rd 33-2A
  • Twp Rd 33-4 from Hwy 21 to Rge Rd 25-1
  • Rge Rd 25-0 from Hwy 587 to Twp Rd 33-4
  • Twp Rd 33-2 from Rge Rd 25-1 to Hwy 587shoulder pull2 Opens in new window
  • Rge Rd 24-0 from Hwy 27 to Twp Rd 32-4
  • Twp Rd 32-4 from Hwy 21 to Rge Rd 24-0
  • Rge Rd 24-1 from Hwy 27 to Hwy 583
  • Twp Rd 32-2 from Rge Rd 24-0 to Rge Rd 27-1
  • Twp Rd 32-4 from Rge Rd 25-1 to Rge Rd 26-0
  • Rge Rd 25-5 from Hwy 27 to Twp Rd 32-4
  • Rge Rd 25-3 from Hwy 27 to Twp Rd 32-4

Shoulder Pull Map 
Roads scheduled for 2018's Shoulder Pull Program
are highlighted in pink. 5MB. (Click to enlarge).

For more information, please contact Kneehill County's Operations Department, 1-866-443-5541.  

shoulder pulls website.jpg
July 2016 - shoulder pull work done on gravel roads

grader map

2018 Grader Map 

Click to view Kneehill County's Grader divisions. 


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Office: 1-866-443-5541
Transportation Manager Contact: Brad Buchert